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Approved By The FDA

With the FDA approval of the fat freezing procedure, many people are anxious to try this new safe and effective treatment for weight loss or body shaping. After all, it’s nice to have an alternative to other invasive and expensive weight loss options such as surgery or never-ending pills.

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The fat freezing procedure accesses technology that uses controlled cooling to freeze the fat cells in the body. Within a few weeks of doing the procedure, these fat cells die. Since it can take some time for the cells to die and leave the body, expect to wait a few weeks to a few months to see results.

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For the most effective result, it is best to focus on specific areas of the body where fat pockets exist. Generally, freezing fat on smaller areas of the body works faster and you’ll get better results. For example, it’s ideal to thin out your thighs or get rid of the fat in your lower back area.

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You can administer the fat freezing procedure yourself without a doctor’s assistance or medical device prescription. It’s easy to use on areas of your body that you think needs thinning the most, such as small bulges around the waist, arms, legs, hips, or belly. It usually takes about one hour per treatment.

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The results of freezing your fat away will remain for a long time with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Try it today for the body you have been waiting a long time to get. Fat freezing kits are now available online.